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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  December 8, 2010 4:30am-5:00am EST

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strength and spirit, elizabeth edwards is remembered as a tough, resilient woman who battle private pain and public scandal. pushback. angry democrats take aim at president obama's tax deal with republicans. 30 years later on the anniversary of his death, the life and legacy of john lennon. this is the "cbs morning news" for wednesday, december 8th, 2010.
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good morning, everybody. thanks for joining us. i'm betty nguyen. elizabeth edwards is being remembered as a tough, smart pragmatic woman who was able to overcome family tragedy and her husband's betrayal. edwards, the estranged wife of the former presidential candidate john edwards died tuesday following a six-year battle with cancer. quote, we have lost the comfort of elizabeth's presence, her family said in a statement, but she remains the heart of this family. we love her and will never know anyone more inspiring or full of life. edwards died at her north carolina home surrounded by family and friends. sandra hughes has more. >> reporter: elizabeth edwards was best known as the wife of a famous politician, but she was also a lawyer with an impressive resume and a devoted mother. in the final years of her life, she became most identified with her private battles, first her health and later her troubled
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marriage to john edwards. he was running-mate to john kerry in the 2004 presidential election. the day they conceded defeat, elizabeth was diagnosed with breast cancer. after chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation, she thought the worst was over. >> i seem to be cancer-free, knock on wood. >> reporter: yet, soon after her husband launched his campaign for the 2008 presidential race, doctors told her the cancer had returned and could not be cured. in spite of the news, she joined her husband in the decision to proceed with the campaign. >> it's important that the american people have the opportunity to have a president like him and i -- i can't deprive him of that. >> reporter: she worked as a trusted campaign adviser, actively participated in public events, and did not hesitate to speak her mind about political rivals. criticizing hill sdraer clinton's record on women's issues and calling barack obama holier than thou. >> my value is that people trust me, they trust me to say what's on my mind and be direct.
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>> reporter: her illness was another blow to a family that had already seen tragedy. in 1996 they lost their oldest child, wade, killed in a car accident when he was just 16. they also had a daughter katherine and a few years after wade's death they decided to expand their family. after extensive fertility treatments she was 48 when she gave birth to emma claire and 50 when jack was born. in 2008 as elizabeth battled cancer her husband admitted publicly what he already confessed from private, he had an extramarital affair which produced a baby daughter. he denied paternity more than a year before finally confessing the baby was his. within days elizabeth confirmed she was ending the marriage, choosing to put that painful chapter behind her as she faced her final months. sandra hughes, cbs news. and we will have much more on the life and legacy of elisabeth edwards a little later this morning on "the early show." the president's tax deal with republicans is not sitting well with fellow democrats.
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one key lawmaker said after a meeting last night the white house shouldn't count on democratic votes to get the deal through congress. meanwhile an angry president obama is defending the agreement. preeti arla is in washington with the latest on this. preeti, are the democrats so mad there is a chance they could torpedo the bill? >> reporter: well, it's hard to say, betty, but it's certainly a possibility. senate majority leader harry reid says his party has a lot of work to do and may be trying to come up with changes to make this package more acceptable. house democrats are fuming over the white house's new tax cut proposal. >> a bad deal that wasn't skill fully negotiated. >> reporter: members emerged from a closed-door meeting tuesday night eager to vent frustrations. many are angry the plan president obama worked out with republicans would extend bush era tax cuts for the wealthy. another big stumbling block is a lower estate tax. >> there are lots of concerns but that is certainly a very significant problem for a lot of people. >> reporter: but leading republicans appear to have very few concerns.
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>> i'm very hopeful and optimistic that a large majority of members of the republican conference will find this proposal worth supporting. >> reporter: vice president biden will try and sell the deal to house democrats later today. even if every house republican signs on, president obama would still need 39 democrats to pass the package. >> a long political fight that carried over into next year might have been good politics but it would be a bad deal for the economy and it would be a bad deal for the american people. >> reporter: tuesday, president obama defended the proposal against democrats, who accuse him of giving into the gop. >> it's tempting not to negotiate with hostage-takers. unless the hostage gets harmed. in this case, the hostage was the american people. and i was not willing to see them get harmed. >> reporter: he insists that even though he compromised on tax cuts for the wealthy, this time around, he'll keep up the
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fight in the future. and economists believe the plan could add $900 billion to the deficit and beyond the tax cuts the plan also includes tax credits for college and breaks for businesses that hire new workers. betty? >> all right. preeti arla in washington joining us live, thank you, preeti. now to afghanistan a senior american general says the battle for the taliban stronghold of marjah is essentially over. nato sent 7,000 troops to root the taliban from there in february and faced stiff taliban resistance and the effort has taken much longer than anticipated. the general says the taliban have lost their ability to impact the city. the taliban released what it claims is new video of the only american serviceman held captive in afghanistan. he disappeared in eastern afghanistan june 30th, 2009. the video apparently showing him
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was released on tuesday. north korea held more military drills this morning firing artillery shells off its west coast. the top u.s. military officer admiral mike mullen arrived today. the chairman of the joint chiefs said the u.s. and south korea plan more joint military exercises. in other news, wikileaks has released a new batch of secret u.s. cables detailing nato plans to defend eastern europe, specifically the former soviet republics of e stone yeah, latvia and lithuania. in an opinion piece published in an australian newspaper today, wikileaks founder julian assange denied his website's actions have endangered lives. meanwhile, assange sits behind bars in britain. he turned himself in tuesday wanted on sex crimes charges in sweden. bail was denied. assange says he will fight extradition. charlie d'agata has that part of the story.
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>> reporter: the media chased a police van carrying julian assange as he was whisked away for his first night in a british jail. the wikileaks founder is fighting extradition to answer sex crime charges in sweden and a british judge denied his request for bail. assange appeared pale but calm in court as prosecutors claimed he sexually assaulted two wikileaks volunteers in sweden, charges he denies. his lawyers called the case a political persecution. >> i think the curious case of wikileaks has an impact whether you want to try and discount it or o not. >> reporter: assange's wikileaks website has leaked hundreds of thousands of secret u.s. documents. government officials say their release puts national security at risk. >> there is information that fully deserves confidentiality and classification. >> reporter: assange has been
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hiding out in britain the past several weeks and will be back here in court next tuesday for another hearing. wikileaks supporters say nothing will stop the flow of u.s. diplomatic cables, even though visa, mastercard and paypal are no longer accepting cash donations to fund the group's website. u.s. authorities have opened a criminal investigation against assange but, so far, they've not issued an arrest warrant. charlie d'agata, cbs news, london. just ahead on the morning news, the great lakes gear up for a new round of snow. plus, climbing to dizzying heights, all in a day's work for one flag fixer. first, though, jeff glor with a preview of tonight's "cbs evening news." >> your life savings plundered by the company you paid to protect it? our special investigation finds out how this could happen, tonight on the "cbs evening news." [ female announcer ] with rheumatoid arthritis, there's the life you live...
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atop a hotel in orlando, tuesday, this stuntman had to climb a flagpole that reached 300 feet into the air. the flag was torn by the wind and tangled on the pole. he said he felt it was his patriotic duty to unravel the flag. he also had to remove the part that was stuck on top of the pole before coming down safely. more lake-effect snow warnings today in pennsylvania and new york. up to two feet of snow has fallen in some places, as the snowfall totals are pumped up by lake erie. randolph, new york got 40 inches of snow since sunday. and down in florida, the cold temperatures have farmers running water machines to prevent damage to their plants. frost could cause major problems for the florida citrus growers. on the cbs moneywatch, asian stocks were slightly lower this morning. ashley morrison is in new york with the latest on that. good morning, ashley. >> good morning to you, betty. >> asian markets mostly slid.
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hong kong's hang seng tumbled more than one percent and the nikkei bucked the trend. climbly nearly one percent. today, wall street tries to restart the rally after stocks finished flat tuesday. the dow lost three points, while the nasdaq gained three. the tentative tax cut deal on capitol hill is getting mostly positive reviews from economists, putting more money into consumers' pockets should boost spending which should spark the economy. some analysts have even suggested the cuts could create more than one and a half million jobs next year. many coming from the small business sector. the biggest drawback, the package could cost up to a trillion dollars, making an already bad budget deficit problem much, much worse. the obama administration reportedly pressing fannie mae and freddie mac to reduce. the loan balance of bow woers who owe more than their homes are worth. but, according to the "wall street journal," two giants are reluctant to do so, especially for borrowers still making payments. the government wants both companies to join a program that
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allows creditors to hand offer the reduced loans to the federal housing administration. and in london on tuesday, an auction for the birds. a rare edition of john james's audubon's birds of america went for more than $10 million. that makes it the world's most expensive book. the 19th century masterpiece has more than 400 hand-colored illustrations. the new owner calls it pricely -- priceless but i just checked, betty, you can also get it at amazon for about ten bucks. >> is that it? >> what a bargain, right. >> exactly. well, you might get that for the holidays, ashley. >> look forward to it. >> joining us live here in new york, thank you. straight ahead, your wednesday morning weather and in sports the streaking mavericks are moving up in the nba, with 10 in a row. nighttime nasal congestion meant, i couldn't breathe right.
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peggy? ok, i've been waiting for fifteen minutes for someone to pick up. you're tenacious like bull. i like. please hold. no, no, (phones ringing) so pretty. want better customer service? switch to discover ranked #1 in customer loyalty. it pays to discover. here's a look at the weather in some cities around the here's a look at the weather in some cities around the country. new york, sunny but 38 degrees. miami a sunny, warm 63. chicago party cloudy, 23. dallas, sunny, 55 and l.a. a sunny 75. time now for a check of the national forecast. the latest satellite picture shows a weak system rolling into the southeast bringing a chance for rain and even some wet snow. later today, rain, snow, and sleet in the northwest. now to the northeast. they will see some lake-effect snow bands still going to be a
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bit of a problem there. and chilly in the southeast. daytime highs will only get into the 40s and 50s. in sports, the dallas mavericks win their tenth straight victory. dirk nowitzki of the mavs scored 25 points against golden state. the 105-100 win put dallas right behind san antonio with the second-best record in the nba. in los angeles, kobe bryant made spinning moves to get the lakers an important basket and scores 32 points against washington. the wizards' john wall missed a three-pointer and los angeles held on for a 115-108 win. in college basketball, number 4 ranked kansas beat number 13 memphis. at madison square garden in new york, marquis morris had 16 points and his twin brother, marcus, had five assists and 14 points. and the jayhawks beat the tigers 81-68. rick jackson of number 8 ranked syracuse had 17 points against michigan state to match his season high and the orange took an early lead. they knocked off the number 7
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spartans 72-58. when we return, another look at this morning's top stories and the death of a high school baseball player puts the spotlight on the dangers of student sports. this christmas at sears, we've got a new favorite pair of jeans for everyone in the family starting at just $12.99! from bootcuts to cropped flares to skinnies in every wash and finish sears has the perfect fit for everyone on your list! go to to download your coupon for an instant $10 off a $50 purchase. this christmas, be the santa you want to be, at sears.
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on the "cbs morning news" here's a look at today's weather. another round of snow showers for folks around the great lakes. several more inches could fall. the southeast is staying sunny but with oop temperatures well below normal and the northwest is looking to be soggy and chilly. here's another look at this morning's top stories. democratic leaders are unhappy with president obama's tax deal with republicans saying it favors the wealthy too much. the president says the compromise is necessary. and elizabeth edwards' family members say they will never know anyone more inspiring or full of life. edwards died tuesday at the age
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of 61 following a six-year battle with breast cancer. education secretary arne duncan calls the results of a global education assessment a wake-up call to the u.s. the test of 15-year-olds in 34 countries shows that u.s. students placed 14th in reading, ranked 17th in science, and 25th in math. duncan says the u.s. has to get much more serious about investing in education. meanwhile, another important issue has come to the forefront in our schools, the dangers of -- the dangers student athletes face this after the accidental death of a new jersey teenager during baseball practice. about 8,000 american children go to the emergency room every day because of sports-related injuries. >> reporter: students, friends and family said good-bye to 16-year-old thomas adams tuesday. the all-star high school baseball catcher was killed during practice when a pitch got
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by his glove and slammed into his chest. >> i'm just thinking about him, why him. that's the only thing that goes through my mind, why him. >> reporter: adams was wearing protective gear but doctors believe the ball hit him at a precise moment in between heartbeats, causing cardiac arrest. >> one of those one in a million situations. >> reporter: the way adams died is rare, but deaths among student athletes, including heart attack is not that uncommon. everyexertion and dee hydration can contribute it a heart attack and experts believe kids are pushing themselves harder than ever. every day, about 8,000 children are taken to the emergency room because of a sports injury. >> they're playing harder, they're training harder, kids are bigger now. >> reporter: new measures are starting to be taken to protect kids thanks, in part, to the pros. rule changes in the nfl to prevent concussions has led to changes in high school and youth sports. in new jersey, there is a new law coaches must remove any athlete showing signs of a concussion and other states are considering their own
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legislation to make sports safer. this morning on "the early show" an update on the current flu season. i'm betty nguyen. this is the "cbs morning news." ♪ jingle cash, jingle cash ♪ walgreens gift to you ♪ good for anything in store ♪ from toothpaste to cashews [ female announcer ] right now earn walgreens super jingle cash. $5 for every 25 you spend. walgreens. there's a way to stay jolly. consider this: these duracell batteries were given... to the mattel children's hospital, u.c.l.a. because when it comes to kids and healing... you're not just powering a toy. you're powering a smile. duracell. trusted everywhere. they believe with olay you can challenge what's possible and gave us their good housekeeping seal. for smooth, firm, younger looking skin shape up in the shower with olay total effects body wash.
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ings. hello, it's still cold, but we have stars overhead. bern western is in the first warning weather center. it's bitterly cold. here are the temperatures to look at. 24degrees in baltimore and 12- degrees in oakland. we're in the 20s to start out the day, 22 in westminster and 28 in rock hall and 26 in annapolis. these may fall a degree or two before we rise. we're looking for a high of 34 degrees and mixed clouds and sunshine and a pit of a wind to make it feel colder.
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however, there's milder air coming our way, it's coming with a storm and we'll have that coming up. some new video, the moment that the fire on the block took a worse -- took a turn from the worse. did a teen really fall out of the skies from a plane in boston. the new evidence shows yes. and it's an institution and this restaurant is closing down their pratt street location. we'll have more in a few minutes. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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